Our bright window enhances your dark rooms.

Our bright Cumulux Home windows enhance the comfort of your windowless or daylight-free rooms with a combination of high-resolution photographic panoramas and LED light.
A real luminous trompe l'oeil, very easy to install on your walls, to give you a feeling of escape!

Elegant beveled black frame to enhance the image 

HD photography of a beautiful landscape

Wireless light control via smartphone + Bluetooth switch

LED panel light for "daylight" type of lighting.

Our commitments

  • Low power consumption and long service life

    Thanks to LED technology, the power consumption of each light window is only 24W.

    Cumulux Home complements traditional lighting, it is not meant to replace it!

  • Upgradable  window

    Take advantage of the latest technological advances in lighting (e.g. Bluetooth control). You will be able to stay uptodate on the new features to improve your windows.

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  • A French-Dutch know-how

    Our showroom is based in the center of Paris, while our production workshop is located in the Netherlands.

    The professional photography is done by our team who love the beautiful French and international landscapes.

  • Outstanding image quality

    Image quality is THE signature of Cumulux Home. Captured by our own photographer, each panorama is made up of a multitude of high-resolution (300dpi) images to deliver a stunning level of detail and realism.

Cumulux Studio: simulate the effect of virtual window

Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words, choose the configuration that will best sublimate your interior.

Wireless light intensity variation

- With Bluetooth technology, control the light intensity of your Cumulux Home windows from your smartphone or tablet.
- Possibility to pairwith a wireless smart switch
- No Internet connection required, we use Bluetooth technology for more security.

Transform your rooms

The benefits of nature on well-being and health are no longer to be proven (concept of biophilia).
Cumulux Home windows reconnect you with nature through our high-resolution photographs of beautiful natural landscapes.

In addition, our virtual windows enlarge your interior by bringing a new spatial and aesthetic dimension.

I'm delighted with my Cumulux windows. 
  I am enjoying more my living room now because before it use to be dark. 
My guests are always attracted by these windows and find the idea ingenious. They even ask me questions about the choice of the image and the fact that I can adjust the intensity of the light.
      Bernadette Kh. - Clermont-Ferrand

Buy now

An eco-responsible choice

Cumulux wishes to give back to nature the benefits it provides. Our LED windows are not energy guzzler (24 Watts) and we recycle the components used. Moreover, Cumulux plants a tree for each window purchased thanks to a partnership with the start-up Ecotree which manages and maintains its forests in France.

The result is bluffing! 
I am very happy with it. 
Françoise S. - Nancy

Cumulux is supported by the incubator of the City of Paris.