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This morning, le Parisien published an article on the solutions that exist to bring natural light into our home. And it is with great pleasure that Cumulux Home is part of this article: Real estate: with lockdown, we are looking for more light in the home 

article dans le parisien de cumulux home

Companies offer solutions for lighting interiors, and it works well for them.

ince the lockdown, many people find themselves working at home in dwellings spaces not always very bright. Here are some ways to improve the luminosity.

Aluminium mirrors

Since All Saints' Day, Virginie has a new routine when she opens her shutters:  orienting her light reflectors. "It's my little morning treat. It lights up the ceiling, it brings clarity and it makes me happy. It plays on my morale," says the 41-year-old lawyer, who lives on the first floor in Neuilly (Hauts-de-Seine) and works from her home in the lockdown. These light reflectors look like mirrors fixed to the railings of her windows. But they are in fact aluminium "sandwiches" that are 30% more reflective, five times lighter than a mirror and unbreakable. October and November are usually months of high activity, but Espaciel, the Lille-based company that markets this solution, has recorded a boom in demand with the second lockdown, as with the first: "We have tripled sales compared to last week," notes Alexi Hervé, the boss. Record sales as in April. "People are more at home and not everyone is lucky enough to have a bright flat. Our device allows more natural light, without any major work," he says. All you have to do is attach the panels to the balconies or in the window recess. Then all that's left to do is to turn the tray to "bring" the light from the sky back inwards. Result: 50% more light, depending on the company. Price of a window reflector: 199 euros.

False windows :

fausses fenêtres lumineuses verticales cumulux home, dans un bureau sombre

Cumulux offers luminous trompe-l'oeil windows that give the impression of depth. Perfect for blind, dark rooms, basements or souplex for example. Until now, these LED backlit image systems have only been marketed for companies and hospitals, but lockdown has changed everything: "We received a lot of requests from people who wanted to improve their interiors. As a result, we opened our doors to private individuals two weeks ago", says Vincent Maréchal, Cumulux's president. The system has been revised so that it only has to be hung like a painting or embedded in a false ceiling. The rendering is that of a light close to daylight. There are several fixed views to choose from: the Daumesnil lake, a garden with trees, a pine forest... The only requirement is to have a socket nearby to supply the frame(s). Their cost: 599 euros per window, 999 euros for both (+100 euros with the Bluetooth option).

Light ducts

Solatube, the solution created by an eponymous Australian company, marketed and adapted in France by Nature et Confort, is best suited to houses, top floors or garden floors (or to light up a basement, for example): these are natural light wells. Thanks to optical systems, the ducts make it possible to bring the outside light taken from the roof to where you want it in your home. "The reflection rate is the highest in the world: 99.7%. This means that 60% of electric light can be turned off," explains Emmanuel Caël, manager and founder. The latter sells more than 2,000 of them a year, 40% of which are for housing. The budget varies from 600 to 4,000 euros for the most expensive.

article sur cumulux home dans le parisien

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