What are today's solutions for dark rooms?

More and more studies are demonstrating the effectiveness and impact of natural light and outdoor views on our mental and physical health. However, how can we do this if we don't have access to it?

Where can this lack of light come from?

The lack of natural light is no longer necessarily due to the seasons, but it can come from our home. For example, we can have windowless rooms , have a building opposite us that deprives us of light and sunlight, or bad exposure.

Solutions to bring light into your home

  • Light reflectors: To capture daylight and diffuse it onto the walls and ceilings of homes, Alexi Hervé, the founder of Espaciel, has developed an innovative surface that is 30% more reflective than a mirror, 5 times lighter, unbreakable and non-glare. Espaciel provides a complete range of reflectors to suit every type of window or French window. You still need to have an opening to benefit from them. What about rooms with no opening?
  • Bright fake windows: To create natural light and the illusion of a view to the outside, Cumulux Home has developed horizontal and vertical virtual windows to illuminate your interior. These windows use a luminous tint close to that of daylight, allowing you to deceive the eye. Moreover, they give the illusion of having a view of the outside, thanks to their high-resolution images.

Solutions lumineuses Espaciel et Cumulux Home pour des espaces sombres.

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