Outdoor view and natural light: the winning combo

There is no secret that natural light is beneficial to our mental and physical health. Beyond this precious source of light, the view outside is just as important for our well-being. This is what we will look into under this article.

Natural light :

It is no longer a secret that natural light has many virtues on human beings. More and more, it is proving its effectiveness and revealing new benefits year after year.

Here are a few figures, proving once again its power :

  • Students score 5-14% higher
  • Students learn 20 to 26% faster
  • Employees are 18% more productive
  • la lumière naturelle a de nombrexu bienfaits, notamment sur notre mémoire

The view of the outside :

Natural light is good, but a view outside is better. Some spaces, whether in companies (office, dining room, waiting room), or in our home (bedroom, living room, basement), are blind. These spaces need a source of light and a view of the outside, so as not to feel the feeling of oppression and of being enclosed.

Here are a few figures, demonstrating its importance and impact:

  • Our mental function and memory become 10 to 25% more efficient.
  • Call processing is 6 to 12% faster
  • Hospital stays are 8.5% shorter

La vue sur l'extérieur permet d'améliorer les séjours hospitaliers


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