Blind office - Paris


With the current situation and the generalisation of mobileworking, it is important for employees to have good working conditions at home with a suitable space.

The problem in this office is the lack of windows and of natural light. In order to improve concentration and energy, access to daylight is essential.

Solution : Horizontal virtual window 60x120 cm

This office has little space. Therefore, the customer chose a fake horizontal light window, allowing him to install it above his desk.

Moreover, the chosen image is that of a clearing in a wood, allowing to disconnect and keep contact with nature.

Fenêtre virtuelle ikea horizontale Cumulux Home, avec vue sur une clairière dans un bois, pour éclairer un bureau aveugle dans une maison.

Result : An office perfectly equipped for teleworking

The installation of this fake horizontal light window brings real light into the office interior. This improves the productivity of the client and contributes greatly to his comfort.

On the other hand, the high-resolution image creates a trompe l'oeil effect by giving the illusion of working in front of a forest.

The customer is now ready to work remotely in the best possible conditions.

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