Office in a basement - Paris

Issue : An office locked in a basement with no lights at all

An office is a room in which we need to be able to concentrate as much as possible and be comfortable in order to work in the best conditions and be productive.

To do this, the room must be well arranged and one very important point that will play on our energy is access to natural light. Daylight is indeed energising, it allows us to recharge our batteries and contributes to our well-being.

However, this basement office has no windows and therefore has no point of light.

Solution : Installation of two vertical windows "Coteaux de Layon"

Next to the office there is a large wall, on which the client was able to install two vertical Cumulux Home virtual windows, with a view of the Coteau du Layon.

These wall light applications take up the whole wall, creating a real skylight and making the room more spacious, thanks to this depth effect.

Installation of two vertical virtual windows cumulux home, for a blind office in the basement, with a view of the Coteaux du Layon.

Installation de deux fenêtres virtuelles verticales cumulux home, pour un bureau aveugle en sous-sol, avec une vue sur le Coteaux du Layon.

Result : Work while having a view of the vines.

Thanks to the installation of these two bright false windows, this office, which was blind and had no daylight available, is now illuminated.

The choice of vertical windows accentuates the effect of realism and deceives the eye by giving the illusion of a live view of the outside.

It is now difficult for the client to stop working, as he no longer feels as if he is working in a basement room without  windows.

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