Blind office - Paris

Issue : how to enlighten naturally a blind office

The current crisis is increasingly democratising telework. It is important to be able to set up a comfortable place where you can work as if you were in a company.

However, many people do not have space to telework or spaces that do not allow them to work in good conditions.

This is the case for these two offices, which are very dark and have no visibility to the outside.

Installation of two false vertical light windows 60x120 cm to illuminate a blind office and provide a view of Gordes.

Mise en place de deux fausses fenêtres lumineuses verticales 60x120 cm pour illuminer un bureau aveugle et offrir une vue sur Gordes.

Solution: Installation of two vertical virtual windows 60x120 cm

To compensate for this lack of lighting, two vertical 60x120 cm windows were installed in front of each office.

One office overlooks trees and the other overlooks Gordes, the hilltop village. This vertical arrangement accentuates this realistic effect.

Installation of two horizontal 60x120 cm ikea virtual windows to naturally light a blind office.

Installation de deux fenêtres virtuelles ikea horizontales 60x120 cm pour éclairer naturellement un bureau aveugle.

Result: A naturally illuminated office

The installation of these two fake bright windows, removes this feeling of oppression and of being locked up thanks to the illusion of natural light.

In addition, a real skylight is created, bringing natural light to these two offices.

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