Basement room in Saint Maur (94)

Problem: Bringing light into a room without windows

The apartment has a very bright living room, with large windows that allow tenants to benefit from natural light.

However, the bedrooms have no windows and therefore do not have access to daylight.

In order to best satisfy the tenants and offer them more comfort, the owner has thought about a possible way out to fill this gap.


Installation of a false horizontal led window Cumulux Home 60x120 cm, for a dark room.

Solution: One horizontal illuminated Cumulux Evolution window 60x120 cm

Opposite the door to the nursery and master bedroom there is an empty wall. Thanks to this space, Cumulux installed a false luminous horizontal Evolution window in 60x120 cm. True trompe l'oeil, Cumulux virtual windows offer an illusion of a view of the sky in real time.

Installation of a 60x120cm cumulux home horiztonal led window, for a master bedroom without windows.

Result: A bright room

The installation of an Evolution luminous window, arranged horizontally, illuminates the entire room and you no longer feel this lack of natural light. This lack is all the more filled by the biodynamic light of Evolution, which adapts to each person's circadian rhythm and which reproduces morning light (cold light) and evening light (warm light).

Installation of a horizontal virtual window Cumulux Home, for a room without windows and light.

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