Living room in a basement - Paris

Issue : Bringing an outside view for a windowless lounge

In our Co-working space we have a meeting room in the basement. It is a dark space, which has neither windows with a view to the outside nor natural light.

Being a reception area for our clients and a meeting place for different companies, the need to furnish this dark room is essential for everyone's well-being.

Solution : Two vertical light windows  60x120 cm "Bords de la Maine"

We have decided to reproduce the atmosphere of a living room in a basement, in order to present you our products, show you their efficiency and their  benefits and put you in the situation.

We made the choice to install two vertical 60x120 cm light windows with a view of the Maine river banks.

Deux fenêtres virtuelles Cumulux verticales 60x120 cm pour éclairer un salon en sous-sol avec une vue sur les bords de la maine.

Results : A blind living room that brings natural daylight 

The choice of two vertical virtual windows, allows for more wall cladding and accentuates the effect of realism.

Thanks to the virtual windows you no longer feel as if you are locked in a dark living room with no view to the outside. 

From now on, this room allows you to rest and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet

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