Dark hallway - Paris

Issue : Make the hallway more welcoming and less dark

The entrance to this flat is very dark and not very welcoming. However, the entrance hall is the first impression we get when we first set foot in a place and it is what makes us feel happy to arrive home after a long day.

With the little space available and the furniture taking up a lot of space, it was difficult to find a solution.

Solution : One vertical light window 60x120 cm

The space is very limited because the wall available is small and there are two coat hangers glued to it. The customer therefore opted for a 60x120 cm horizontal virtual window, which allows for furniture to be fitted underneath.

In addition, the owners chose a view of a clearing, a reminder of nature with soothing virtues.

Fausse fenêtre lumineuse ikea horizontale, avec une vue sur une clairière dans une bois, pour éclairer votre hall d'entrée.

Result : Immersion in the forest as soon as you walk in the flat

From now on, when we enter this flat we have the illusion of having a forest right in front of the entrance hall.

The LED window also creates a light imitating daylight, which is conducive to everyone's well-being and comfort.

The entrance hall has now become the favourite room.

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