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For what kind of room the cumulux window is helpful or useful ?

The cumulux window is helpful and useful in all windowless rooms or rooms with a lack of daylight. You can see it as an illusion of a real window, but our windows have a broad choice of magnificent views. 

How Can I change my image after my purchase ?

It is very easy to change your image after your purchase. It’s like taking a framed painting off the wall, taking off the frame, changing the image and hanging it back. 

How do I control the lighting with bluetooth ?

Your Cumulux Window can be equipped with a bluetooth adapter. This adapter enables you to dim or switch your Cumulux Window on and off with a wireless switch or with your mobile phone, via the free Casambi App. Please consult the Bluetooth Control manual for operating instruction. 

Can you print my photos ?

Our photos are all shot by professional photographers and are of super high resolution. This is necessary for large format prints. We do not recommend using your own photos as the high quality result cannot be guaranteed. 

What happens is the product does not work?

First of all, sorry to hear that the product does not work. We built multiple quality checks and test moments in our production process and the products will only be shipped when they are 100% perfect. In the rare case of a product failure, please collect as much information as possible like photos, videos etc. Contact us by sending the information. We will check everything and come back with a solution in 48 hours. 

How long is the product guaranteed ?

We offer a 2 year warranty.

Where can I put the driver ?

The cables of the driver are all long enough (4 meters in total) to ‘hide’ the driver in a comfortable place out of sight (against wall plinths, in an electrical board, etc.). The wires are mainly white to be as discreet as possible against a wall. 

Can I install my window myself or do you advise to work with an electrician ?

That’s up to you. The windows are pre assembled. The only thing that you need to do is mount the Cumulux window to the wall with our wall mounting system and plug the window in the electricity system. You can compare it with the mounting of a flatscreen television to a wall. You might be able to do it yourself or might need assistance from an electrician. Just make sure the holes you make on the wall are exactly the same highness (you can use a laser to ensure that).

How much light output comes out from my window ?

There are 2 600 lumens out of this luminaire (for 24 watts). Then you add the photo panel which holds about 60% of the light. Then, you have the high resolution photo which is printed on the photopanel. Overall, this will bring you light (similar to “daylight” ) in addition to your existing luminaires, not instead of them. 

Can I choose the frame color ?

The windows come with a black frame by default. You have the option for a white frame. Please contact us for more information. 

Why choose the horizontal or vertical orientation ?

The windows are 60cm x 120cm. Depending on your room you can choose a size of multiple windows combined and an orientation. Horizontal windows can be relevant in case you already have furniture or a desk against the wall. This orientation avoids the existing equipment or constraints. 

How do I know the number of windows I need for my room ?

Think of it like real windows. How many windows do you like for your perfect view? 

I have a windowless 20m2 room, how many windows do I need ?

We recommend two windows in a 20m2 room. We recommend two windows because it creates the binocular vision : your brain rebuilds the image split in two; which reinforces the illusion of reality.

Is the product fragile ? Can the image be scratched ?

Yes, the product is fragile and the image can be scratched. We print the photos directly to the plates for the best light equality and color maintenance. That means we don’t use any stickers or other cheaper options. You can think of it like a painting without a glass plate in front of it. It’s fragile so be careful with sharp objects. 

Can the Cumulux window replace regular lighting ?

The Cumulux window adds light to the room, but is not a full replacement for regular lighting. The darker the room, the more additional task (functional) lighting you need. 

How long does Cumulux take to deliver the windows ?

Every project is custom made and we never use pre printed images for our products. This to maintain the highest quality. Our standard shipping time is 4 weeks, but our goal will always be to ship faster. 
How long does the installation take on average ?
That depends on the type of wall and your skills. An average person will install a window in 25 minutes.

Should we advise to use a laser to make sure the holes are exactly on the same line ?

Yes or a level. 

Can I install your product as a luminous ceiling in my rooms rather than a window?

Yes, it is possible to install our product as a luminous ceiling. The reason we focus on walls is because the wall installation is much easier than the ceiling installation. You can see it as the hanging of a painting versus the installation of a whole new ceiling. Where the Cumulux window has no impact on your house construction, the ceiling will. Besides that we recommend you to have a drop ceiling (plaster made for instance) in which you will install the luminous ceiling. In most cases you need a professional for this. We can provide more information about the ceiling installation if you’re interested.  

I am a professional and I am interested in your windows

Cumulux home only sells to residential. Please get in touch with www.cumulux.fr for any professional projects

If I buy one window, will I be able to benefit from the future Cumulux home evolution?

Yes, our goal is to upgrade your product continually. So we will communicate you new features that you will be able to get if you are interested !