The flexible and turnkey solution to enhance all your workspaces.

Cumulux Cycle offers a turnkey solution for a flexible, circular and sustainable service

Cumulux Cycle: a simple subscription for a turnkey solution

With Cumulux Cycle, you choose a subscription service that allows you to benefit from services such as: installation, maintenance, uninstallation and recycling.

We wish to provide a "turnkey" solution to our professional customers by offering them a service that is as simple as possible: it is up to them to choose their subscription plan, we take care of the rest.

You can therefore benefit from a service (supply of Cumulux quality equipment, installation by our approved installers and maintenance if necessary) which will improve the working conditions of your employees or the care of your patients. You can now think of offering them the best at the lowest cost!

Did you know ?

The situation of employees in Europe according to the Human Spaces Report

The five most coveted items by employees according to the Human Spaces Report are:

The eco-responsible choice for a circular model.

Insofar as we want to minimize our impact on the environment and our components are sustainable; why not reuse these by integrating them into our production cycle?
We are therefore committed to recycling all the undamaged elements of our products in order to set up a virtuous, sustainable and circular model.
In addition, our partnership with the start-up Ecotree allows us to plant a tree in a forest maintained by professionals, with each contract signed.

Two simple and flexible offers

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Cycle Standard

from 99 € / month

The standard offer is sized for a small room: a 120x120 cm Cumulux light ceiling or two light windows. You receive the material as agreed, you install it. After 24 months, you can cancel by sending the material back to us.

Cycle Premium

from 199 € / month

The premium offer allows you to benefit from all the 'turnkey' service: we install the lighted ceiling or the virtual windows, ensure maintenance and operation. At the end of 12 months, if you cancel, we will come to uninstall the material by taking the material back to give it a new life.

How Cumulux is changing your daily life

EHPAD Autumn flowers in Décines

I am very happy with the aesthetic, luminous and psychological rendering. Comfort is improved and staff and residents can contemplate the beauty of nature in the different living spaces of the EHPAD. Visitors to the EHPAD are amazed by the visual quality of Cumulux products and the psychological contribution provided. With the increased reception and comfort conditions for residents, the management's objective has been achieved!

Madame Ravry, director of the EHPAD Autumn Flowers in Décines (Rhône)


We moved in the spring to the Antiquaires district of St Ouen. This move after 15 years in the same premises was very important for the whole team.

We all reflected on these new places, with these different spaces; We wanted to have a large kitchen, a friendly place where all the employees meet there for lunch, a drink or work with its connected bar, a restorative nap room, a mix of individual offices and mini open space for our consultants, meeting rooms where we can work sitting and standing, a bathroom for working out in business.
All these on two levels.

[...] On the mezzanine we needed additional light and in some offices and we naturally turned to Cumulux solutions, which bring us additional light but also user-friendliness because each of the employees has chosen these visuals according to their personality: landscapes, trees, white sand beaches and some urban photos. Everyone is happy with their personalized space. [...]

[...] Our ergonomists also offer them to our customers within the framework of ergonomic recommendations for spaces to bring light or conviviality.
On the mezzanine and in some offices, the need for additional light was necessary, and Preventech naturally turned to Cumulux lighting solutions.

Madame Ravry, director of the EHPAD Autumn Flowers in Décines (Rhône)

They trust us

Our engagements

  • Consumption of only 24 Watts

    Cumulux is committed to reducing electricity consumption and source lighting with the lowest possible electricity consumption. Our lighted window consumes 24 watts. If its luminous flux is substantial and therefore provides light, our window complements the existing lighting without replacing it.

  • Products assembled in the Netherlands, French Photographs

    Our photographs are taken in France and our production workshop is located in the Netherlands. This is where our images are printed and our lighted windows are assembled. We try to source material locally to reduce our carbon footprint and gain responsiveness.

  • Scalable window

    Our windows are designed to be upgradeable:
    we will offer new options and accessories that will be compatible with our lighted windows. We will provide our customers with new features and technological advances in lighting.
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  • Very high definition image

    Cumulux's signature is very high resolution printing (300 dpi) which allows a maximum level of detail. To achieve the best visual result, we stitch dozens of photographs with a 47 mega pixel camera. We combine the know-how of our professional photographers with state-of-the-art equipment in order to achieve superb panoramic images.