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The highlighting of a sublime image

We do everything we can to make the image as beautiful and realistic as possible:

✔ Cumulux photographers travel across France and other countries to take the stunning shots of our beautiful regions and cities which you can choose from our image catalog.

✔ The backlit image is not a single photograph but an assemblage of a multitude of photographs taken with a professional 47 megapixel camera.

✔ We print this image at the maximum resolution of 300 dpi on a translucent polycarbonate slab.

They trust us

Light for well-being

The Cumulux window transforms interiors and especially dark rooms lacking in natural light. However, the Cumulux window does not replace the existing luminaires but in addition to the lighting of the room.

✔ Cumulux uses 60x120 cm luminaires which diffuse healthy light evenly thanks to the side lighting

✔ Light at cold color temperature, known as daylight or "daylight" at 6000 K, to optimize color rendering and provide a dynamic atmosphere

✔ Cumulux offers to make the light intensity of the window (to lower the brightness in the evening in order to benefit from a more intimate and soft atmosphere for example) thanks to two optional solutions: - Bluetooth via your smartphone or your tablet - A wireless control that you can move or mount against the wall

Simple and easy to install

The 60x120 cm Cumulux window is thin (5 cm thick), weighs 10 kg. It is supplied with the installation kit for quick and easy installation. Cumulux assembles the various components for you in order to reduce installation time as much as possible.

✔ Installation directly against the wall (hooks provided)

✔ The electric transformer is plugged directly into a 220 V socket.

✔ Wireless lighting control (optional) to avoid cables

What is included in the Cumulux home box delivered to you:

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